Name: Leafie

Type: Leaf (they/him)

Habitat: Growing Garden


Magical Ability: Growth

Encourages: Climate Change Awareness

Leafie is a plant-loving friend who likes to spread happiness and inspire others to reach their dreams.

Name: Mushie

Type: Mushroom (they/them)

Habitat: Fern Forest

Sidekick: Snail

Magical Ability: Healing

Encourages: LGBTQ+ Rights

Mushie is a chill fungus who loves foraging to clear their mind. They take life's challenges in stride and always focuses on the positive.

Name: Petal

Type: Flower (she/her)

Habitat: Flowery Fields

Sidekick: Bee

Magical Ability: Soother

Encourages: Racial Justice

Flower is a happy-go-lucky gal who loves to sunbathe by the river and never misses a chance to pamper herself.

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